by Bob Whitaker

Like so many other fanatical integrationists, Bill O’Reilly demands that “the races” be mixed in the name of “Americanism.”

First of all, this has nothing to do with “the races.”   Nobody cares whether Chinese and black people intermingle.   No one demands that Japan or Taiwan let in third world immigrants. No one demands that Africa let some other third worlders have some of its empty lands.

When integrationists say “the races,” they mean the white race.  When they say “getting rid of racism” it is code for getting rid of whites.   Respectable conservatives want ONLY white majority countries to bring in the third world, and they demand that EVERY white majority country bring in the third world.

But O’Reilly and the conservative integrationists wring their hands when their children go to college and learn to hate America.  What exactly did they expect?   The highest morality they taught their children is to fight for the extinction of their own kind.

So naturally that sick “morality” will not be limited to a hatred of their own race.

It is hilarious to listen to conservatives whine about those who hate America when their idea of “True Americanism” is to hate their race.