B'Man's Revolt

What does anyone have to be thankful for?

I used to be thankful for “America” as my home. Now, the thieves who hijacked the country I thought I lived in have ruined that.

I used to be thankful for what those who founded this country (the poor shlobs like my ancestors who built this country from the ground up, NOT the elitists who claim to be the Founders). Now, the usurpers have totally dismantled that work and are slowly giving it away to moronic, ignorant people who never did a thing to build shit here.

I used to be thankful for my upbringing, although very hard early on, my family proved that one can work himself out of desperate poverty… giving me a sense of pride and achievement for what my ancestors passed down to me, making it possible. Now, the uncivilized rogues come here as “refugees” and “migrants” expecting…

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