The Canadian government has made it very clear that it wants to force-flood massive numbers of third world peoples into Canada. This has been the basic policy of ALL governments in the English speaking world. The stated policy of all these governments is to racially force-assimilate all White populations into non-White populations to destroy one race in particular, that being White people, the White race. This is white genocide pure and simple.
Whenever, a ruling power spends its country’s resources to target one of its populations for any kind of force-assimilation, that is considered a form of genocide. White people ALL over the world have been targeted for this kind racial force-assimilation, ie, white genocide, and it must be discussed with these vicious anti-white rulers.
The bottom line is that every white population on the planet is suffering under the evil policy of white genocide-by-force-assimilation. Given this horrible reality that all white people are being subjected to, we shouldn’t have be forced to endure refugees on top of this. It’s all part of the ongoing policy of white genocide, and we need to force discussions about this among our own white populations.

Quarter of Canadians support Trump-style ban on Syrian refugees: poll