Short Talking Points

Ultra Mini Mantra Points for Twitter

You #antiwhites have been conned into believing your White self hatred is high morality;This is why you don’t see yourselves as White Haters

#antiwhite policies would never be possible if Whites weren’t taught to hate themselves and their race. WHITE SELF HATRED IS JUST PLAIN SICK

#antiwhites always advocate White Self Hatred to justify #whitegenocide. But remember: WHITE SELF HATRED IS JUST PLAIN SICK

We will never remove the #antiwhite’s implicit and explicit #antiwhiteism, and it’s system of #whitegenocide, from our collective memory

White Entitlement is the #antiwhite’s hateful codeword for White self determination in White countries, Which #antiwhites, want to genocide

Black countries for Blacks = Black Freedom Asian countries for Asians = Ancient Asian Cultures White countries for Whites = White racists

#antiwhites say they don’t want the disappearance of Whites, But then they force integration and
assimilation ON Whites. It’s #whitegenocide

The only race on Earth that can save the #antiwhties ass is the the White Race. The problem?? WE’VE FIGURED OUT THEIR PART IN #WHITEGENOCIDE

Are Asian/African populations forced to be minorities in their own countries? NO.#antiwhites force this on White people.It’s #whitegenocide

White people are finally getting it; There are #antiwhites who want Whites gone. They now get that diversity is a means to #whitegenocide

If you are White, and you object to your own geNOcide, you’re called RACIST! It’s unfair.CLEARLY, DIVERSITY IS A CODEWORD FOR #whitegenocide

#antiwhites call White people who stand up to their own genocide terrible names to quiet them.CLEARLY ANTI-WHITES WANT #whitegenocide!

If elites forced racial integration and assimilation upon a targeted group, that would be GENOCIDE.BUT #antiwhites ARE DOING THIS TO WHITES

White people understand that the diversity forced upon ALL White countries and living spaces is intended to genocide Whites.#whitegenocide!

Diversity is a codeword for #whitegenocide; to end #whitegenocide requires a homeland exclusively for White people

Diversity and Multiculturalism and the #antiwhite terror that they bring upon Whites,represent the modern WAR ON WHITES BY #antiwhites.

Forced Diversity is the internally institutionalized means through which the #antiwhites are waging a genocidal war on ALL White people.


Diversity is Forced on White people, Then Whites try to escape to new areas, then #antiwhites chase them down with more diversity. IT’S WAR

#antiwhites revile Whites for colonizing countries,But THEY break down our borders and lead non-Whites into our countries to destroy Whites

#antiwhites openly say that there shouldn’t be White countries or a White race. They openly argue for #whitegenocide. THIS IS WAR ON WHITES

When you agree with the #antiwhites that there need be no White race, YOU are agreeing with and endorsing #whitegenocide,You are ANTI-WHITE

What’s a White country?? White countries are those countries that have been targeted with massive non-White immigration and assimilation

#antiwhites say there shouldn’t be any White countries, cities, neighborhoods, schools, sports, or families. #antiwhites Want #whitegenocide

White people’s borders worldwide are forcibly broken down and massive amounts of non-Whites led into our countries.This IS #whitegenocide

It doesn’t matter if you are whiter than snow, if your behavior is oriented toward achieving #whitegenocide. we deem you an #antiwhite

Is it just to force-assimilate a people into another race?? No it’s not. But that is being done to White people now. IT’S #whitegenocide!

If you say White people can’t have White countries for their own people, you clearly desire #whitegenocide. YOU ARE #antiwhite!

f you say White people can’t have White countries for their own people, you are an #antiwhite maniac who wants #whitegenocide!!

How exactly are Chinese nationals genociding the Tibetan people? Well, the exact same process is forced on White people.IT’S #whitegenocide!

Massive non-White populations FORCED into White countries by the #antiwhite elites, Why?These #antiwhite elites clearly want #whitegenocide

Forcing massive non-White immigration on White countries is an attempt to Genocide the White populations of White countries. #whitegenocide!

Do you think Forcing Swedes to become racial minorities in Sweden is Fair or Just? Well it isn’t, and we call it #whitegenocide

Do you think Forcing Swedes to become racial minorities in Sweden is Fair or Just? Well, It is being forced upon them by #antiwhite elites.

Forcing Asians to become a racial minority in Asia would be Asian Genocide. But this process if being forced on White people.#whitegenocide

#antiwhite leaders are predicting Whites to be minorities in their own cities and countries in the future…They intend #whitegenocide!

If Asians were forced to become racial minorities in their own countries that would be Asian Genocide. This is being done to White people

Force-integrating lots of non-Whites into all facets of White societies against the will of the Whites is #whitegenocide by the #antiwhites

There is no social privilege in being Pro-White, but there IS social privilege in being #antiwhite

All countries on earth are beginning to close their borders and ports to Africa and Africans, EXCEPT WHITE COUNTRIES. This is White Genocide

White people want their borders closed to Africans because of Ebola. The anti-Whites in control want White Genocide so keep our borders open

‘Civil Right Laws’ were designed to turn the White person into 3/5ths of a person. This White Slavery is Part of #whitegenocide. #antiwhites

Whites suffer massive violent terror from non-Whites, and then the #antiwhite media suppresses their mention. It’s part of #whitegenocide

Good for Michael Brown that he wasn’t White because the #antiwhite media would have ignored his killing like they do all White Victims

Channon Christian and Christopher Newsome were brutally killed by Blacks and it wasn’t reported on the #antiwhite Media.It’s #whitegenocide

#antiwhite media fawned over Tryavon Martin; but suppressed mention of the rape and murder of Channon Christian by blacks.It’s #antiwhiteism

Racial Diversity has been forced upon ALL White countries to make them into non-White countries, But This is #whitegenocide!

#antiwhites believe in the #antiwhite proposition:There can be no countries solely for Whites. These #antiwhites Clearly Want #whitegenocide

When non-Whites object to their own genocide, they are courageous;Whites who object to their own genocide are called RACISTS;DOUBLE STANDARD

#antiwhites use ‘Diversity’ to publicly advocate for #whitegenocide. But Whites now see that Diversity is a codeword for #whitegenocide!

#antiwhites aren’t predicting Africans to be minorities in Africa like they do for Whites in Europe. #antiwhites intend #whitegenocide

#antiwhites want massive non-White immigration into White countries to force-minoritze Whites. These #antiwhites aim for #whitegenocide!

Asian leaders don’t import non-Asian populations into Asia and assimilate. That would be Asian Genocide. But this is being done to Whites

#antiwhites want to forcibly create a racially blended humanity in only White countries.These crazy #antiwhites clearly want #whitegenocide

#antiwhites are forcing Whites to become minorities in their own countries and assimilate with non-White immigrants. IT’S #whitegenocide

Force-integrating Chinese nationals into Tibet = Genocide
Force-integrating non-Whites into White countries = Diversity?
IT’S #whitegenocide

#antiwhites say there should be no White countries
#antiwhites say there should be no White ANYTHING!
#antiwhites want #whitegenocide

Forced immigration = colonization; Diversity = destruction of White community and race. But this is #whitegenocide under international law

Forced immigration = colonization; Diversity = destruction of White community and race. But this is #whitegenocide under international law

“Diversity” just means chasing down Whites; Diversity is a codeword for #whitegenocide.

Diversity programs are the re-capture of White escapees from the system of #whitegenocide

Diveristy programs are simply the re-capture of Whites back into the system of #whitegenocide by the #antiwhites This is EVIL

“Diversity” is forced upon White countries, to make All White countries non-White.This is #whitegenocide conducted by evil #antiwhites

White people are finally getting it: Diversity is a codeword for #whitegenocide, and, Racist is an #antiwhite HATE word used by #antiwhites

#antiwhites don’t say Africans will be a minority in Africa.But #antiwhites forecast White minoritization in White countries It’s Genocide

#antiwhites forced non-White immigration into White countries, minoritzing Whites.This is #whitegenocide constructed by #antiwhites

#anti-whites claim that race is unimportant. So why do they always target White people with programs of forced diversity?It’s #whitegenocide

Chinese chasing down Tibetan people is GENOCIDE
But #antiwhites chasing down Whites is called ‘diversity’
We call this #whitegenocide

WHERE ARE THE LAWS AGAINST #antiwhiteism AND #whitegenocide??

#antiwhites are full of LOVE…THEY LOVE #whitegenocide! Because they are #antiwhite Genocidal Freaks!

“Racist” is the #antiwhite HATE word for #whitegenocide RESISTOR

You #antiwhites can’t use the word LOVE to cleanse your system of #whitegenocide

You #antiwhites can’t use the word LOVE to disguise your #antiwhite HATRED

You #antiwhites use anti-racism to disguise your genocidal #antiwhiteism

You #antiwhties push mass immigration and assimilation on All White countries…This is #whitegenocide. #antiwhite Maniacs!

You #antiwhites believe in the anti-White proposition: Nowhere or Nothing for White people. #antiwhite Genocidal Freaks!

You #antiwhites believe in the anti-White proposition: NO COUNTRY EXCLUSIVELY FOR WHITE PEOPLE. #antiwhite MANICS!

You #antiwhites believe in forced racial assimilation for White people, by law this is called Genocide..#whitegenocide!

#antiwhites justify force-assimilation of Whites for past colonialism and transgressions. This is #whitegenocide and can’t be justified.

Should Whites or Asians get affirmative action in Africa. No, Africa is for Africans. Africans and Asians get favoritism in White countries

They say the RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country, But let’s face it, that`s #whitegenocide

Japan or Taiwan are less crowded than Netherlands and Belgium, but THEY haven’t been FORCED to receive millions of immigrants. It’s unjust.

#antiwhites say the ‘solution’ to racism is for White people to be racially assimilated into non-White populations, That is #whitegenocide!

If #antiwhites demanded that Africa be flooded with millions of non-Africans everyone would rightly call it Black Genocide

Black or Asian Racial Assimilation = Genocide;
But White Racial Assimilation = ‘Diversity’.
NO, IT’S #whitegenocide

When White people openly resist their own forced racial assimilation, i.e. #whitegenocide, we are called: naziswhowantstokillsixmillionjews

Massive Non-White immigration + Forced racial integration + White Guilt + Demoralization of White Children = #whitegenocide

If Diversity is sooo great, then why must you #antiwhites imprison White people who openly dissent about it?? THIS IS PART OF #whitegenocide

It’s White countries and ONLY White countries that are FORCED by #antiwhites to become racially diverse and non-White.This is #whitegenocide

Hey, Let’s ALL pretend that thousands of Whites haven’t been murdered in racial attacks in America, and ignore #whitegenocide. #antiwhites!

White Supremacist is just an #antiwhite HATE slur yelled at #whitegenocide Resistors

Neo-Nazi is just and #antiwhite HATE word used to slander decent White people

Hater is just an #antiwhite HATE word used to incite violence against White children

Bigot is just an #antiwhite HATE word used to suppress discussion of #whitegenocide

Racist is an #antiwhite HATE word used by crazy anti-Whites who want #whitegenocide

“Racist” is a hate slur hurled at White people by #antiwhites to prevent us from openly opposing #whitegenocide

Racist is just an #antiwhite HATE word used by #antiwhites to intimidate whites opposing #WhiteGenocide

How much brainwashing would it take to convince Asians to be force-integrated and assimilated in Asian homelands? Whites have suffered this!

If #antiwhites are so blasé about race, then why do they only target White countries and people for force-integration/assimilation policies?
#antiwhites care about Tibetans, Native Americans, Aborigines etc, but not the forced extinction of White people and our kids.

Just think how much effort and intent it would take to force minoritize Asians in Asia. Well, #antiwhites are doing that to White countries

Should White people be allowed to have their own exclusive homeland for their people?If no, then you are #antiwhite desiring #WhiteGenocide

#antiwhites say that White people shouldn’t be allowed to have their own exclusive countries, I.E, #antiwhites want #WhiteGenocide

Foreign race immigration,forced racial integration/assimilation is all over called genocide. #antiwhties are doing this to white countries

#antiwhites say they don’t Whites to disappear,but then they force-integrate and demand assimilation of White people.It’s #WhiteGenocide

If #antiwhties say Whites shouldn’t be allowed an exlusive area for themselves, they are demanding our force-assimilation,ie, #WhiteGenocide

Do you hear Asian elites tell Asians they will be minoritized in their own countries?NO,But this is being done to Whites.#WhiteGenocide

Why do #antiwhite elites tell us Whites they will be minorities in our own countries? Because they’ve put us into a system of #WhtieGenocide

Massive non-White immigration into White countries is used by #antiwhites to forcibly minoritize Whites and thus commit #WhiteGenocide

#WhiteGenocide. HOW? Forced non-White immigration; Forced integration/Assimilation/rape/and murder of Whites. This is #WhiteGenocide

#antiwhite Swedish elites say whites will be a minority by 2040. This is #WhiteGenocide in Sweden. This is being done in ALL White countries

Why do #antiwhite elties sponsor massive non-White immigration and refugees into ONLY White countries? BECAUSE THEY WANT #WhiteGenocide

If your #antiwhite elites say you will be a minority by a certain date in your country, they clearly intended to bring about that condition

Elties that Force-Minoritize/Integrate/ and Assimilate White people with other races, they clearly intend to to bring about #WhiteGenocide

White countries are those, comprised of White people, forced to endure massive non-White migration and assimilation